Monday, August 6, 2018

"Light and Truth"
Yale University Art Gallery (1111 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT)

The beautiful Yale University Art Gallery has treasures of Biblical significance that are priceless!  Tours are available Tuesday through Sunday afternoons.   Entry and the 1 hour 30 minute tour are completely free.  Groups are limited to 15.
To make a reservation or request more information please click here.

"Luz y Verdad”
Yale University Art Gallery (1111 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT)

El bello museo de Yale University tiene tesoros de significado bíblico muy especiales. Los tours están disponibles los martes a domingo por las tardes.  La entrada es gratis y la duración del tour es de 1 hora y 30 minutos.  Los tours son para grupos de menos 15 personas.  Para hacer su reservación o pedir más información haz clic aquí.


  1. This tour was a highlight of our east coast trip. We still are talking about some of those truths a year later. Thank you Ryan for a wonderful and encouraging tour!
    Romer Family

  2. Ryan I loved💜 all the Gems you shared during the tour. It was so nice to learn as much as we did in just an 1hr 30min. We cant wait to tell all our friends about Shine Bible Tours.

  3. I loved every minute of this tour!! It was so faith strengthening to learn about the history of our organization and its early start in Pennsylvania. Thanks for your time and the wonderful way you presented the information.

  4. To think this is all in my “backyard!”
    Amazing this is readily available as more proof of
    Bible truth and light!
    Helps me pull that shield in closer as faith continually grows and light is there if we choose to see it.
    Thank you Ryan, it was a wonderful tour you so graciously presented.
    Sister Schultz